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Information provided by Juanjo González.

Bannerets of the four companies (1ª, 2ª, 3ª and 4ª) of the Ertzaintza (Basque Autonomous Police), 1936-1937

Current Flag:

Flag of the Nationalist Women Association (Emakume Abertzale Batza) used between 1923 and 1980. White with the flag of Euskadi in the canton. The association was founded in 1922 and still exists.

Association of Basque Mountaineers (Euzko Mendigoizale Batza). White flag, red border, with the Burgundy cross in the center. Used between 1922 and 1978. The association was founded in 1921.

Flag of Mendigozale "Bilbotara", Basque Youth -Bilbao. Identical to the previous but with white canton containing a red Burgundian saltire stretching to the edges and superimposed, in the center, the Guernica tree ( brown and green).

Association of Basque Children (Euzko Gaztetxu Batza). White flag with the ikurriña in the center. Used between 1932 and 1980. Founded in 1932.

Trade Union "Solidarity of Basque Workers" (Euzko Langilleen Alkartasuna). Established in 1911. Flag used between 1911 and 1976: red with white symbol on green background, or green with white symbol on green background (used indistinctively).

Current flag of the union. Green with ELA in white, and below EUSKADIKO SINDIKATOA (in white). Provisional image

Basque Nationalist Action .

Provisional image. Red with large six-pointed green star containing a white "lauburu".

Flag of the Basque Youth of Bilbao between 1908 and 1912. Red with white cross and eight six-pointed green stars (two in each canton) forming a saltire

Flag of the Basque Youth of Bilbao between 1912 and 1930s. Red with white cross and in the first quarter the ikurriña. The other quarters contain six green bars, touching the central two the white of the cross and the upper and lower separated by red from the edges. The width of the white cross is equivalent to the addition of a red and a green band.

Flag of the Basque Youth of Begoña used between 1930s and 1937. White with green Burgundian saltire and on it a red cross not touching the edges.

Flag of the Mendigoizale Taldea "Beti Aurrera" 1930. White, with triple border: from outer to inner red, white and green; and with a squared ikurriña in the upper fly and lower hoist angles, with the width equivalent to the three borders together; in the two other angles red squares with green Swastika

Flag of the Euzko Ikasle Batza ( Basque Students Association) between 1931 and 1936. White of red broad border and with a green tree, its roots standing on the lower border. The upper border is cut letting a white space where is located the red lauburu .

The lauburu substituted toward 1933 the Swastika, used always before 1933. Some copies later than 1933 preserved the Swastika, but its use by Hitler made it unpopular.

Flag of the Basque Schools Association (Euzko ikastola Batza) between 1932 and 1937.

The same but with inscription in the red lower band.

Flag of unidentified organization or batzoki, found in post cards from the years 1910/1920s.

Flag in the balcony of the Batzoki (social center of the Basque Nationalist Party) on Las Arenas in 1911. Three horizontal stripes red - green - red and superimposed a white cross.

Similar flag seen on TV in some acts of the PNV ( Basque Nationalist Party). Correspond to the Party’s hanging flag designed by the Arana brothers in the XIX century, with proportions 4:1:2:1:4

Flag probably of a Batzoki or a nationalist organization, reconstructed from photographs from 1910 - 1920s.

Batzoki of Sopuerta. According to photographs from 1911.

Flag (not officialized but in process to do it) of the Basque Nationalist Party:

Rectangular variant:

Flag of the order and security service of the PNV ( Basque Nationalist Party) used since 1977. Vertical red, white and green, with the red seiburu in the center.

Flag of the "Saseta" Battalion (Saseta Gudalorua 1936-1945). Scanned image . Translation of the text: Saseta Gudalorua = Saseta Battalion; Beti Aur(r)era Lagundia = Beti –Aurrera Company; Szkil(l)azkar(r)ak = machine guns.

Flag of an unidentified battalion or company, with quarter in Salaberri, Barakaldo, in 1936.

Sleeve badge used by the soldiers of the Guernika Battalion in World War II (1943-45). Ikurriña and on it the word Euzkadi in black on white background.




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