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  • Swimming pools Piscinas
  • Chloromatic Salt Chlorinators. No more harmfull chemicals in your pool! El clorador de sal. No más quimicos peligrosas!
  • Fairlocks Professional swimming pool vacuum head. Un avance lógico del cabezal aspirador de alto rendimiento.
  • Bendervac Professional multi purpose Vacuum head. Aspiradora universal para toda clase de piscinas.
  • Tufmix Under water epoxy resin for a mulitudue of uses and repairs. Epoxido material de reaparaciones y arreglos abajo agua!
  • Super Cubes Reduce sub-micron patricles for a crytal clear pool. Evitar sub-micron pulvo para un agua clara como cristal.
  • Floatron Solar powered pool ionizer. Easy to use, non toxic. Totalmente seguro y no tóxico con placa solar.

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Swimming pools, accessories, salt chlorinators:- Oficial distributors for Chloromatic. Vacuum heads:- Oficial distributors for Fairlocks and Bendervac. Epoxy resin for underwater repairs:- Oficial distributor for Tufmix. Swimming pool construction, service and maintenence.

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